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June 2022

I found out I was pregnant on June 5th 2022. I found a lump on my breast June 10th 2022. That was a Friday evening, so I spent the weekend afraid. On Monday I made an 8 week appointment for the next week with Dr Mechtler…..

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Birth Story Three

My goodness. I am glad that I started writing when I did and let myself stop when I needed a break. I finished writing a few minutes to midnight on New Years Eve, I checked on Ellen, pulled back my covers, kissed my sleeping husband a Happy New Year, snuggled in, and fell asleep (for…

Birth Story Two

This is the messy part. Childbirth cannot be retold without the mention of blood and other fluids, so this is your trigger warning. I’ll tell it from my perspective, and for me it wasn’t too gory. Watching it happen was different, I’m sure. I cling to the slick black bench of the Humvee with my…

Birth Story One

Once upon a time, seven days ago, there was a mommy with a baby in her tummy and the baby wanted out during a blizzard on Christmas Eve. So the local SWAT team showed up with an armored vehicle to rescue mommy and drop her off in the wrong hospital. The wrong hospital was brave…


I have vegetables on my breasts. Ice packs too. I laid in bed uncomfortable with the physical changes in breast tissue. Milk is coming in with no where to go. My body moves right along to the next challenge. Completely unaware that this natural process is counter productive to the life saving measures soon to…


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