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June 2022

I found out I was pregnant on June 5th 2022. I found a lump on my breast June 10th 2022. That was a Friday evening, so I spent the weekend afraid. On Monday I made an 8 week appointment for the next week with Dr Mechtler…..

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Happy Mother’s Day

Tomorrow is mothers day 2023, but today is mother’s day too. I certainly got a gift today from my children. We woke close to 8 today. Soft sunlight and sweet spring air filled the room through the open window. The first sound I heard was my husband in bed greeting our daughter in her bassinet…


There was a version of myself that shuddered to think that needles sticking out of one’s skin could be therapeutic, much less enjoyable. I was baffled at the thought of it. Now? Having faced cancer and chemotherapy and IV access dangling from my port for days, looking forward to a lifetime of lymphedema? If skinny…


So January is all the way finished. I predicted it would go quickly, and it sure did. I didn’t manage to write a single thing, but that’s okay. My family and friends all were keeping me company IRL so that George and Ellen had caregivers while we balanced newborn doctor visits, pre-op testing, orthopedic visits,…

Birth Story Three

My goodness. I am glad that I started writing when I did and let myself stop when I needed a break. I finished writing a few minutes to midnight on New Years Eve, I checked on Ellen, pulled back my covers, kissed my sleeping husband a Happy New Year, snuggled in, and fell asleep (for…


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