Share my story

Feel free to share this blog and retell my story like its 2001. I don’t want to vlog. I might post pictures, but there’s privacy to consider.

My objective is multifaceted. To have a creative outlet, a safe place to vent, and its a way for me to keep acquaintances who care up to date, but maybe don’t call often. If that’s the case, then by posting in a blog separate from facebook. Sometimes my phone is blowing up with doctors and phone calls, and I can’t take another conversation. But if you really think you’ve got something valuable to share with me, I’ll appreciate your call.

Also, if you want to show appreciation or support, my love language loves accepting gifts! I will shamelessly supply my amazon wish list which includes head scarves, selfcare supplies, clothes, and other neat things. Peruse the list at you leisure, (or not) you might find gift ideas for your own family and friends.

2 responses to “Share my story”

  1. Girl you better shamelessly share that amazon wishlist with me because surprise amazon packages are the best and Jordan doesn’t check my amazon purchases because he knows better 🙂 Sending so much love your way. Thank you for allowing me to be on this journey (journey is not the right word but the word I want to use is not child friendly because this is not a journey I want for you) with you and I will continue to send love and support through all the days!

    Love from the Farrar family
    **send that wishlist girl**


    1. Lol, you find the button for it? I’m learning how to do this website thing slowly but surely


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