Technical Terms

I have cancer, the tumor is Invasive Ductal.

Stage 1. Measuring 1.8mm on the ultrasound dated June 21st, 2022. It appears to have grown as of July 8th, 2022.

In June 2022, there were no suspicious lymph nodes, so it qualifies as Stage 1. However, on July 12th, 2022, I will have one ugly armpit lymph node biopsied.

Grade 3, which means aggressive. But “aggressive” may not necessarily mean what the Webster’s dictionary may lead you to assume. Maybe.

Triple Negative. Interestingly, it is neither fueled by estrogen or progesterone hormones, nor HERR2 protein. These are the most common fuels for breast cancer.

I recently found out that I do not have the BRCA gene mutation.

It is in my right breast, very near my shirt collar, you can practically see it in some work blouses. You can often see the biopsy scar sitting above my shirt collar.

Lump n bump is the agreed upon technical term for my condition. My doctors and nurses are all using it.

A word on BRCA

No one else in my maternal line has BRCA mutation and half of the women have had have had breast cancer. Does anyone want to study our genes to find this mutant gene? My mom and her sisters have/had very dissimilar environments, and I shared almost no environmental similarities with my aunts.

Serious inquires only.


Lucille, which is the affectionate pet name for my left breast, coined in 2021 during the all-you-can-eat buffet for one, is perfectly healthy and a model breast. She’s the over-achiever.

Francesca, Ms. Righty, participated in class, but never exceeded expectations. I’d love her still if the bitch wasn’t plotting a coup d’etat.


P.S. I don’t think I’m going to die. I know I’ll be fine. Eventually.

P.S.S. That certainty does not make me less afraid of the pain and fatigue in my immediate future.

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