Not Twins!

There’s only one baby in there! And they look perfect! A beautiful nose, perfect belly, two arms waving, two legs crossed and laying cradled. So safe.

The baby was asleep at first, and they woke up to greet us. I heard their heartbeat, a relaxed 151 bpm.

We’re measuring within two days of the January 26, 2023 due date, which means that their gestational age is right on track, and we can start chemo treatments in a week or so with confidence that we are safely in the second trimester.

I am so happy!

I am so relieved.

I grow a healthy babies, and I’m very proud, and very lucky.

A couple of weeks ago I said out loud to Nick: “what if its twins.”

Nick stilled, and I the color drained from his face as I saw him calculate the odds. “Naww, there’s no way!” He trailed off. And he realized that the odds don’t seem to care when it comes to our pregnancies.

The first time around, my water broke at home. That happens to 10% of pregnant people. And only about 10% of first born children come early, George came 10 days early. There were lots of other occurrences that had low chances of happening, and I just kept hitting the jackpot.

Then breast cancer with pregnancy happened.

By now, I know to expect to have the unlikeliest of pregnancies, and multiples was not unimaginable.

One healthy baby bump!

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