Sudden movements

The house is on fire.

Not really. Its just a metaphor to help me reframe my thinking around chemo.

Since June, my mantra was “no sudden movements.” Its kept me calm. It has kept me from running screaming in the streets more than once. It has also kept me safe during tests and procedures.

And now I’m facing a new phase in the plan. Treatment. Action. Poison injected into my chest. That feels pretty sudden. And contradictory to the mantra that has comforted me for six weeks.

(the port is healing very nicely. the itching has finally subsided on the 10th day)

I mentioned my resistance to Kitt, my mentor through Hope for Two, and she explained that the house is on fire.

And yep. That’s the motivation now. I’m not getting pushing into any sudden movements. I’m jumping from a burning building to save my life. There’s a trampoline stretched out below. It’s fine. It’ll be fine.

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