Chemo Starts next Monday

Sorry! I forgot to update clearly.

Chemo starts Monday August 1.

Today I met my pregnancy specialist, called maternal-fetal medicine, or MFM. This got scheduled late Friday. I didn’t know what to expect, but I wish I had mentally prepared for a surprise blood draw.

They wanted to do some more genetic screening for chromosomes or something. NIPT. If that means anything to anyone.

That brave nurse poked me three times to get just two vials. I tried to be a good patient. But my veins have a mind of their own.

So I’m just a little bit regular exhausted from an arduous impromptu poke. Pokes.

The real thing is next week.

One response to “Chemo Starts next Monday”

  1. Sandy McFarland Avatar
    Sandy McFarland

    My hope for you is that Monday is as uneventful as possible and that damn tumor is given hell. Hugs.


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