I’m bald

Very bald.

Objectively I look very nice bald. Which is a tremendous relief. But catching my reflection is extremely startling. Granted, I’ve only been very bald for a few hours.

I mentioned that I was afraid my new look would frighten George.

It didn’t.

My son approached me, smiled and walked away to play with someone out something behind me.

Later he was placed on my lap. He looked up at me, he looked into my eyes, and then moved his gaze to the top of my head. George’s smile broke over his face and crinkled his eyes.

Genuine joy in the eyes of your child has got to be the purpose of life.

I thought that moment would be the pinnacle of motherhood. But it got better. George hugged me. Both arms opened wide and he held me in his embrace.

The kindness and love in my son’s reaction makes me brave in my own skin.

George is only 18 months old and my objective in life is now to preserve and foster that honest love and true compassion in his heart. I can only hope to always be as compassionate as he is.

Do you realize how validating his reaction is to me? There were adults who love me acknowledging that the shave looked nice, and my mother was the first to say so. But of course she would say that. When a child looks at you and expresses pure positivity, you know you can rely on that.

I’m the luckiest mama in the world.

If I think of more words to capture George’s reaction, I’ll update. But right now, I’m just letting it fill my soul.

2 responses to “I’m bald”

  1. You look GORGEOUS!!!! George has a beautiful mama.


  2. You look so regal. Beautiful and strong!!! Love you so much!!!!


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