Mom and George

What a sweet weekend our family had. Lots of time to just be a family of three. Cuddles, and movies, and backyard play, meals on the patio, splashing, digging, music.

George’s 18 month wellness check was excellent. We’ll be getting some in person help to train is on bedtime and other transitions. He’s a tall boy, average weight, and meeting most developmental milestones.

In the process of ticking the milestones off the list, I noticed that George doesn’t yet combine words to express himself. He’ll say “help,” but not, “help water.” He’ll say “open,” but not “open door.” He will stand by the door, say open, and knock on the door. But it’s not yet a sentence. He’s so close! So we worked on it this weekend:

“Mom and George” is what I say. He usually replies with “mom mom mom,” but once in a while he’ll actually get out “mom mom George.” So close. Language is so so close. I’m so proud.

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