Daily Gratitude

Therapy homework suggested I acknowledge one little thing that I’m grateful for every day. I’ll see what I can’t keep track of here just to lighten the mood on this blog.

9/11/22: Nick felt our daughter move for the first time. She had whole-body hiccups for a while!

9/12/22: I’m grateful to be done with Adriamycin and Cytoxan for the rest of this year. Good bye poisonous sweet and sour sauce cocktail. Round 4 of 4 is done.

9/13/22: I’m glad that I had a good day full of meeting my bodily needs, expressing emotions, and gently working a full day.

9/14/22: It turns out I’m grateful for cafe bustelo coffee. I had an excellent day, productive, panic free, and the freedom to forget that I had chemo on Monday.

9/16/22: Its hard to be grateful sometimes when you’re low. I’m grateful for family support, modern medicine, and Nick.

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