Careful with Coffee

I feel like David after Dentist when he pushes himself up in his car seat, roars with eyes wide, and then collapses back into the cushions. Except I keep roaring.

Its like all the steroids I’ve been given were stuck behind the mucus that was blocking everything up, and now THEY ARE ALL FLOODING my body.

No. Wait. I just realized.

I had a cup of coffee today. False alarm. Just a strong cup of coffee after not having coffee while I was sick and not to conflict with the chemo.

I only realized it when I left an embarrassing voice message for the lovely nurses at Roswell just now. I was describing how I felt, and that’s when I realized mid-sentence that I had coffee today. False alarm. I hope they get a laugh out of my message.

I called Roswell because usually the Wednesday after Chemo Monday, on the AC cocktail, I feel like a skeleton inside skin. This morning I feel super, hyper, extra great. So because of the difference, I was concerned. Oh boy. I’m in for a hell of a crash today!

Well. Let me take this day one hour at a time.

45 minutes later: Yep. The nurses called back laughing. We agreed that maybe I should stick to decaf. I don’t know what I was thinking this morning!

9 hours later: it turns out to have been the best day in weeks. Thanks coffee!

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