I like to craft. Rarely with a full-time job and being a full time wife and mom do I carve out time to be the Brianna I grew up with. But when I do, I like to craft. I want to learn to crochet! And knit! I sew sometimes, and I’d like to give more time to painting water colors. I consider makeup to be a fun crafty activity I do most mornings.

So with the pregnancy nesting bug kicking in, I’d like to commit some crafty time to nesting.

Many of George’s baby clothes will be worn by my daughter, and I thought if they look similar, it may be difficult to tell them apart years from now in old pictures! So, I thought I’d dress up the onesies with little embroidered decorations. It’s a silly little concern, but crafting baby clothes is delightful.

Many friends are sending girls’ clothes too! I’m very glad to save a buck and reuse clothes. My mom keeps talking about pink tutus, but I haven’t seen any yet. I wonder what’s holding her back?

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