Pumpkin Day, George!

George loves books. One favorite all year long has been Felicia Bond’s “It’s Pumpkin Day, Mouse!” You’ll recognize the mouse, its the one that usually wants a cookie. Today was George’s very own pumpkin picking day.

We met Grammy for breakfast out at the Country Cottage and made many friends in the restaurant. It was like the very hungry caterpillar at our table. George insisted on pancakes, so pancakes we had. And sausage, and bacon, and eggs, and potatoes, and french toast, and buttered toast, and hashbrowns, and milk, and the adults had coffee!

At the pumpkin patch we met goats, pigs, ducks, one big rooster, a baby cow named Diamond, bunnies, and so many tractors. George was vibrant and brave; he got nibbled by a bunny but I think he’s okay.

I love these autumn days. Let’s see if I can’t have another with my family this fall. Maybe apple picking next time.

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