Runny nose

My son had a runny nose this morning when we left home. When he came home today, he was breathing only through his mouth and slobber and snot ran down his poor chin non-stop. His eyes were red and he looked so pathetic.

I worried about kissing him hello. Is it safe for me? I sat him on my lap facing him away, breathing away from my face. We watched Puffin Rock and PBS’ Daniel Tiger.

We ate dinner, ditalini and vegetables. I fed him his meal one macaroni at a time, one broccoli, one onion slice, one pea at a time. He ate so much! The poor thing sipped water and swallowed the food I placed on his lips. He leaned on me while he ate and perked up with a full belly.

Bath went smoothly, and transitioned with no fuss to pajamas and bed. My son was so sleepy and unwell. He woke a few times with coughing and sneezing. He went back to sleep as soon as his father wiped his nose, offered a sip of water, and rocked him in his arms.

I hate that it is unsafe for me to comfort and care for my sick son. I want to keep him close to me and snuggle him all through the night. I want to be a mother and a wife. I don’t want to be this sick person.

If there’s one thing I learned in September 2022, though, it’s that recovering from a simple cold is no small thing for me. George is strong and healthy and will recover in 7-10 days. It will take me three times as long. And it might put me in the ER hospital again. I hate living inside of this sick body.

I hope I stay well. I wish my child wakes up recovered in the morning. If I could have a small miracle, it would be for no one in my family to have a cold the rest of this year. If I could have any miracle though, I suppose I should pray for this tumor to be killed and never return.

One response to “Runny nose”

  1. Dear dear Brianna❤️
    Please take a few moments to bless your body. Be open to releasing anything within it that is harmful and receiving only health and wholeness. Send loving thoughts to every cell and atom of your mind and body. Feel yourself surrounded like a blanket of love. See George and Nick with you in this blanket and give thanks for the healing power of God.
    Love and peace to you❤️❤️❤️


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