Go Bills!

The Bills and Russells had a good day today.

I slept in. Dad played tennis. George had one-on-one mom time all morning. George and dad played outside. I got a nap. George napped for two and a half hours! Dad got to watch all of the bills uninterrupted, and cook delicious lentils low and slow. We tidied and cleaned the living room. We folded laundry. We put laundry away. We made clean laundry for tomorrow. We ate dinner and bathed.

Highlights include paying medical bills, playing with hot wheels, and the Bills winning.

I’d love to have more days like today.

The only thing I could have added to the wish list was outside time for myself. I took extra time to lounge on the couch during the bills’ game.

The iron supplement helped tremendously. Wildly so. And quickly.

I felt better the morning after I took the first tablet. I had a little more energy, more strength in my hands, less soreness in my legs. I felt less heavy when standing up from a seat. The second day taking iron, I felt stronger still and it lasted me throughout the day. We didn’t start on chores until 3 in the afternoon.

Now if I can just get my sleep sorted out.

I’m certain it has something to do with my phone and general screen time. But I’m writing earlier in the evening today, and I plan on charging my phone out of reach of my bed. That way, when I wake up, I have to commit to get out of bed; drink water; use the toilet; have a snack; then maybe I’ll get back to sleep if I just put my sleep playlist on instead of scrolling good-for-nothing videos for two hours.

It also likely has to do with the loud downstairs cat, Titan. He’s woken me with his crowing several nights now. His noisy calls resembles a donkey more than a cat. Before I had George, people would overhear the cat howling while on a phone call with me, and they would ask if I had children over visiting. No, that’s the cat reveling in his bellows echoing from the top of the stairs. I think I’ll close the door the the bedroom tonight.

There’s not too much hope to sleep straight through the night. Baby bump will want a snack and a bathroom break and water. But we’re not mad about that.

I’m looking forward to seeing my blood count tomorrow. I always take home what I call my report card, and it helps me learn what my body needs.

2 responses to “Go Bills!”

  1. May you rest peacefully tonight. May you sleep in the comfort of a blanket of love. May your beautiful daughter grow strong within you and feel the love you have for her. May George bless you with his laughter and May Nick assure you as he stays by your side. ❤️🙏🏻


  2. Sounds like an awesome day hope you have more like that, glad the iron supplements are helping.


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