You know what’s strange? The feeling of hair growing back on my head. I can feel a small difference in something on my scalp. The hair follicles that were irritated by the weight of a strand of hair a few months ago are tingly again; it isn’t bothering me. I can feel the air turbulence along my skin as I walk inside my house. Its like getting touched with a soft down feather, very pleasant, actually. I think there’s just a bit more warmth from this patchy fuzz.

But of course, I don’t find this patchy uneven, mismatched hair texture a fabulous look. I preferred the bare skin after a clean shave if we were just going for aesthetics. But since I’m living for the long term, I’d like to encourage my hair to grow if its ready to start growing back.

Now, I’m already taking a rainbow of vitamins and extra biotin, so don’t be thinking I need more supplements for hair growth. As a matter of fact, I am very certain that the only thing I could do to see faster growth is get off the chemo- but we’re not doing that right now!

You know what else is strange? Hair in other places is still falling out. And/or not re-growing. Just strange.

One response to “Hair”

  1. Praying for you!! I’m loving you little updates. You want some of my hair?? I’ll give it ALL to you. (Seriously)


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