Gold Torte

I had such a good day, and it left me so tired. George and I had a nice long morning, I looked into his eyes and noticed how his iris has changed. He spent time looking into my eyes as well, and that small detail oriented person noticed a clump of yesterday’s mascara. He gently tried to pull it out of my eyelashes, I didn’t flinch away from my toddlers fingers pulling on my eyelashes, and that’s a feat! George wasn’t successful at getting the old makeup off. I was only successful after I used my makeup remover. But I learned that my child is a detail oriented and dextrous person. That’s something he gets from his mama.

In the late morning I watched a marvel movie by myself. Central themes were dying from cancer, and the perseverance of children. While That was enjoyable for the time I did dishes, it made me feel… Deeply Emotional. The rest of my day was planned to be spent as a date with my husband. And so I decided to not think about it.

Nick and I got delicious croissants and lattes from butter block. We also got indulgent desserts for later today. As we ate we talked about our favorite trees and how we would like our cremated ashes spread at the base of one. Nick’s favorite tree is a tie between a walnut tree, a cherry tree, but most likely a beech tree. The beech tree has many historical uses and significance. It makes perfect sense for Nick. I had asked because I saw a beautiful oak tree standing next to a showy sugar maple with bright red leaves. While I love the shape of the oak leaf, there’s been far more meaningful red, yellow, and orange maple leaves collected in my life. The maple tree is my favorite.

Next we went to a bookstore called rust belt books. It’s a used bookstore. There was a for sale sign on the building above the bookstore we decided we would like to buy it. Inside I found two books. One about feeling your feelings, and the other about annual flowers. Nick made friends with cats and found a book to gift his best friend.

We next went to a record store on Potomac Ave and Grant Street. I sat and read my book about annuals while he browsed. There was one break in the ambient store music, and that was the exact moment Nick chose to call over to me and exclaim how an Oldsmobile with a cassette player is the perfect weekend driver. Apparently he’s nostalgic for old fashioned cassettes, and new music released on cassette. I can’t say I understand it, but his joy makes me smile and laugh. He has no idea how loud he was in that momentarily quiet shop. Our exchange made me love him more.

By then it was 3:30 and my back was aching and I was tired. We went home so I could rest before dinner date. Nick helped me from the car to the house with his hand on my lower back That was so so achey. I dozed for a while while Nick listened to his new albums.

We ate dinner at a restaurant where he very nearly proposed to me. I remember he didn’t propose at the dining table we were seated at 5 years ago because the couple next to us was having a silent argument. Tonight we shared bread appetizer, and he ordered a Chardonnay so I could smell it and enjoy it vicariously through him. I had delicious creamy, nicely balanced, delicate lobster ravioli and Nick had a satisfying frutti del mar in red sauce.

We talked about goals that we have for ourselves. Nick wants to play tennis on his 75th birthday. Nick wants to celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary. And Nick wants to see our children grow into good people. I hadn’t spent any time preparing any of these types of goals, but I can tell you that I would like to be gardening on my 75th birthday. I would like to celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary with a big party and everyone we know. And, I want our children to grow into balance people. I’d like them to be good people, and happy people, and emotionally and mentally balanced.

My body was exhausted from sitting in a hard chair by 6:30. So we left after we paid the bill and tipped our server to head back home and snuggle on the couch. We watched a few moments of Harry Potter, our favorite weekend movie before George arrived.

George came home with Grandma and Grandpa begging for his mama. My heart was in my throat. I wanted him so close to me after not seeing him all day. But George wanted me to play and look out the window with him. I couldn’t. Finally he got the goodbyes and the kisses to his grandparents out of the system and he was happy to lay his head on my chest and cuddle me under the blankets while I sang him to sleep. I’m the luckiest mama in the world.

My day was so full. Closeness and learning about my son. Quality time and vulnerability with my husband. Alone time. Feeling deep emotions. Rest and restoring my energy with different means. And a beautiful dinner date. Oh, my dessert from the patisserie? I’m so mad. Makes me so angry that I can’t eat that everyday for every meal. It was incredible and decadent.

I guess you could say that caramel and chocolate ganache torte with gold leaf on top is a metaphor for today. I can’t understate how exhausted my body is after this wonderful day. Simply too much to have everyday. But a very welcome departure from the ordinary. Go eat some chocolate.

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  1. What a wonderful day you had. You are blessed to have so much love around you.


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