Eyelash Wishes

A few days ago I talked about my hair. My eyelashes have been an increasing annoyance since then.

Some are growing in, a lot are falling out, they’re all different lengths and tangle easily. Don’t you hate the feeling of eyelashes getting stuck together? Or the ghost sensation of one tickling your face and you can’t brush it off? It seems to happen every tenth blink. So I pull at my lashes to fix the irritation and unsurprisingly, I pull out hairs.

So I’m slowly loosing bits of brows and lashes as my scraggly hair becomes more noticeable. Its a little sad, and more than a little annoying, but happily I found a little solution this morning.

An eyelash curler! Bend those lashes up and out of the way of one another! I just have to make sure the curler is clean and free of gunk that might pull them out. And I have to curl them when there’s no small humans knocking into me. (I recently saw a tiktok where someone pulled all of them out at once because they tripped while the curler was clamped. Devastating.) I suppose I could also get a non-waterproof mascara so that it comes off easier in the evening.

Same goes for brows. But they get tangled less often, its just when I rub the tension out of my forehead. If anyone has tips on how to preserve brows, I’m all ears.

Currently, I darken the skin under them with a gel pencil. Then I use a clear brow gel to brush the hairs into place. I suppose I could get a tinted brow gel, but I’ve grown so used to my face with this technique, its sad to get used to a new face. Again. One that has unfamiliar patches of hair on top and all around.

With all these lashes laying around, I haven’t stopped to make even one wish. You’re supposed to do that, right? Oh well. You know, a part of me doesn’t like making wishes? Birthday candles, dandelion puffs, eyelashes. There’s so much pressure to make it special. And when you decide on something, its like admitting that you really want a thing, but you only share it with yourself, so they often don’t seem to come true.

Its actually a working model of my trouble asking for help. There’s pressure to get the job done right and efficiently. I’ll want to be good at the task but maybe I’m new to it still. Then I run into difficulty, fail to express my need for help, then get disappointed and frustrated of others watching me struggle all on my own.

There’s something more there, but I’m a little tired and foggy to chase this thought.

Right now I wish I had socks on. I wish my toes would stop cramping. I wish my back wouldn’t hurt. I wish my breathing was not so tight so frequently. Also right now, I’m glad that I’m washing all of my socks; I’m proud that I trimmed all of my cat’s talons; I’m proud that I’ve written 19 days straight during breast cancer awareness month; I’m proud that I got my breathing treatment prescription refilled today; I’m glad that I got a new mascara. I’m making dreams come true one at a time.

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