Holy Crap

George pooped in the toilet today.

And peed.

In the toilet. The regular people toilet with a child seat!

It was George’s idea to try this today!

Nick and George were home and enjoying a morning of snacking and washing dishes but had not pooped yet today by 12 noon. Nick kept checking with George if he had pooped because he has usually pooped at least once by noon already, and he was farting while he washed up in the kitchen sink.

George decided to climb down from his kitchen chair and walk to the bathroom saying poop. Nick rolled with it, listened to his son, talked him through what they were about to do. George got settled on the potty and he peed! Nick was showering him with praise and positivity while George just rolled into bearing down on number two.

Stinky! Splash! Poop in the potty!

They put on a pull-up diaper next.

Nick called me immediately, but I couldn’t take the call. He texted me a picture. I couldn’t open it right away. When I did I was speechless, grinning like a proud mama.

Goodness, I have no idea if this will be the real beginning of potty training. I hope the grandparents are ready to roll with it! I don’t know if I am ready to start it!

This kid isn’t two years old yet. I go around telling people he’s almost two, but he hasn’t even lived for 22 months!

Mamas who also have a toddler not yet potty training or anywhere near, try not to compare our children. This child has had to grow so quickly because his sister is coming and his mother and father have gone through so much, and still so much more to withstand. His premature strength amazes me, gives me pride, it scares me, and it makes me a little sad. Is he growing too fast?

Maybe, but today he pottied like a very big boy!

One response to “Holy Crap”

  1. Yea, just like us oldsters, celebrating when we make it to the pot without soiling our diapers!


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