We Did It

I did it. I finished chemotherapy. Four rounds of Adriomycin and Cytoxan in eight weeks. I did it. Eleven rounds of Taxol in twelve weeks. I did it. Two hospital visits to reaffirm my diagnoses: asthmatic pregnant lady sick with breast cancer, with a side of aggressive chemotherapy. The hospitals also ruled out any more horrifying conditions. A blood transfusion, two CT scans, chest x rays, injections of blood thinners, hours of fetal heart monitoring. I did it.

I had excellent care. Attentive providers and staff, who became friends, watching over me while I took my Monday shift as chemo patient. These miraculous people cared passionately about every single one of their patients. I cannot take any credit for the labor of love that they put into my care and success. They did it confidently.

Every Monday morning Nick and I were received with a warm greeting from the Roswell admin staff. I began every treatment with Amanda’s radiant smile and fabulous glasses. She cheered for me the loudest when I waddled in under my own power and teased me for chatting before of caught me breath (its a long hike from the parking lot!). She and her peers were kind and empathetic the few times I rolled in on a wheelchair. I may have gotten through it without my welcome committee, but because of Amanda and her coworkers’ kindness I looked forward to starting every week in the same healing place. We did it joyfully.

Not many people had appointments as long as mine, and certainly no one had them every week like I did. Some familiar faces would accompany me several weeks in a row, and then they’d have a break in their treatment. Some memorable characters debuted only once, and each week I made friendships which helped make good out of our collective misfortune. We did it happily for comradery.

I am deeply grateful for everyone I’ve met through Roswell. Doctor Soniwala leads an incredible team by example of superb care and dedication. Candelaria was my personal real life guardian angel. She immediately supported me with the greatest confidence and respect that I have ever received from a medical provider. Candy is a wealth of generosity and empathy and steadfast confidence. Then there’s all of the nurses. Ashton, Nancy, Cathy, Colleen, Cassie, Katie, Mackenzie, Emilee… How do I even begin here? That’s not even everyone! I’ll have to dedicate a post directly to them where everyone gets special recognition and thanks. I’ll make it good and take my time. But together, this team did it: they saved my life, the life of my unborn daughter, George’s mother, Nick’s wife. How incredible?

Nick drove me to  all nineteen weeks of treatment. He did it for our family. He called 911 on a horrible evening. He did it frightened. Two hospital visits where Nick stood vigil over me in my sickbed. He did it for us. Nick took my call in the middle of the night to research my Huber needle to prepare for my CT scan with contrast. He did it for the safety of his wife and daughter. Nick listened for hours to the comforting heart beat of our daughter, interrupted by her freestyle gymnastics routine. He was glad to do that. Nick has been my partner through sickness and health. He did it lovingly.

Nick is better than my words can describe. A confident man and a devoted husband. The passionate father of my children helping to raise a pair of self-assured, emotionally-strong, well-rounded people. I can hardly believe that he thanked me today or been grateful for all of the days we’ve shared since June 22, 2022.

We drove home today from the last chemotherapy treatment overawed by peace and gratitude. We came home with a precious hoard of baby formula for our baby as a generous gift from our Roswell guardians. Nick squeezed my hand and thanked me for seeing this through so bravely for our family. I told him it was just the opposite, without his dedication I could not have done this and so he deserves all of the gratitude from my whole heart.

We did it together.

There are so many people still to thank for accompanying me this far, and I’ll get to you. Every special friend, family member, coworker, all have a special place in my heart. Today was just a special day full of gratitude for the Roswell chapter. Some of the happiness I feel in my heart is put out into the world, so now I can sleep.

One response to “We Did It”

  1. So glad to hear you talking this way. Gratitude is an awesome feeling. This season seems to bring about more of an awareness of gratitude. Let’s keep it up as long as we can.


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