I have vegetables on my breasts.

Ice packs too.

I laid in bed uncomfortable with the physical changes in breast tissue. Milk is coming in with no where to go. My body moves right along to the next challenge. Completely unaware that this natural process is counter productive to the life saving measures soon to come.

So the old wives tales say cabbage leaves help reduce the… Everything. And my family loves cabbage. So as I lay not falling asleep, it occurred to me to give this a try. I called Nick from the other room, asked if we had a head of cabbage, asked for two leaves, and only got a little choked up.

It took so much courage to place them inside my bra. I really do not want to actively shut down this process. It feels so wrong. So unnatural and it’s screaming against every instinct.

But I did it. And they felt refreshing right away. So there was some physical relief despite my upset and resentment.

Vegetables on boobs feels so silly. It’s better than just bare-knuckling the painful reminder of my motherhood. So I got myself a fresh pair of crudite during a midnight feed.

Ellen is squawking and squeaking in her dreams right next to me. What do babies dream about?

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