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June 2022

I found out I was pregnant on June 5th 2022. I found a lump on my breast June 10th 2022. That was a Friday evening, so I spent the weekend afraid. On Monday I made an 8 week appointment for the next week with Dr Mechtler…..

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I’ve written less this November 2022. The cause is two-fold; I feel both better and far more pregnant. I have the energy to play, so I don’t make time to write. Writing comforted me while I felt my worst. I can make play ergonomic, but it is hard work to be pregnant and sedentary. Now, […]


What a weekend in contrast to 7 days ago. Saturday morning we snacked on breakfast and George spent the morning with Grandma and Grandpa. Nick could go to work and Mom could have time to recharge. Nick and I went on a brunch date with some friends while we were child-free and it felt incredible. […]

Wise Mind

This is a concept that I’ve learned through counseling. I’ve used it successfully many times before I knew it had a whole name and fancy structure to it; and learning it in therapy has helped solidify it as a tool to make good decisions in tune with my needs and wants. Essentially, you want to […]


I’ve had a change in prescriptions. I need to give myself a shot every day. It’s a blood thinner just to prevent extreme concern for blood clots since I’m at high, high, high, high, high risk to develop one. (I actually have five high risk indicators.) And with the trouble breathing I’ve had, that’s the […]


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